Our travel agency offers wholesale airline tickets domestically in the USA, and internationally around the world. Your expert agent represents you in the event of lost luggage, schedule change, late arrival, etc. We are located in Orange County near Los Angeles, California, and our services stretch out to major cities around the world like Cairo, Istanbul, Rome, and many others. Call us now about current deals, preferred dates, etc...

Why purchase your travel ticket from an agency instead of directly from online? The Internet does not represent you; once you’ve bought your ticket, you’re on your own. Although ticket prices on the Internet may be competitive, the risk of running into difficulties is not worth it, especially on a long or costly trip. These are among the benefits you get from buying your flight ticket from a travel agency:
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  • If your luggage is lost, we may have direct communication with the airline to help you get your belongings or compensation.
  • Sometimes the flight schedule is changed and passengers are not informed unless they have hired a professional agency.
  • Why risk missing your flight even if you arrived on time? When your agent finds out about a last minute airline schedule change, he/she will call you even on their day off to make sure you are aware.
  • In the case of missing a flight, we will fight to remove or decrease any penalties, or work on getting you accommodated.
  • We’re experienced, we’re on your side, and we'll work to your benefit.
  • The Internet may be cheaper, but it does not have the personal touch of supporting you in the case of a problem.
  • Traveling matters are important and expensive, and are worth hiring a representative to assist you with.
Call us as soon as possible to get your preferred dates, prices, airline, and seating. The longer you wait, the less chance you will have of getting your preferences. Click here to contact us or call us at (714) 491-0781.

Ticket Price Timeline:
  • Mid January – March 31: low season
  • April 1: prices rise
  • Mid May – end July: high season
  • Beginning September – beg. December: low season
  • December 10 – end December: high season
Travel News
    Offers from Turkish Airlines:
  • Free Istanbul city tours for stopovers over 6 hours
  • Among the few airlines who continue to allow 2 free pieces of luggage per passenger
  • Star Alliance miles (frequent flyer) earn and redeem miles and build status across all member airlines
I've personally traveled on Turkish Airlines and experienced touring Istanbul, and would recommend this offer from my amazing experience. Also, the cruises, tours, and shopping are very reasonably priced. Be sure to visit the gift shops for Turkish delight, ceramic artwork, jewelry, scarves, traditional wear, and cotton garments.

Please call soon for your preferred seats & prices to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, & the Far East, via Turkey, where you can discover the history of where East joins West.
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