(Frequently Asked Questions)
1. What are the requirements?
a. $500,000 (half a million dollars) invested in the United States of America as a new business, improvement of a dying business, or expansion for a new project.
b. Business management experience is preferred, but not required.
c. A valid Visa to the United States (at least for the principal applicant).
d. At least 5 years of documentation for all personal and business tax returns, business licenses, and proof of owning any business.
e. Additional documents may be required, depending on the case.

2. What are the fees and costs?

a. Fees are about $5,000; this amount differs depending on the number of family members.
b. Costs are approximately $75,000, which include the following aspects to establishing the business that you will invest in: company structure, business plan, taxes, payroll, satisfying the 10 employees hired requirement, etc…

3. How long does it take?

a. Anticipate a 1-year duration to get a Conditional Green Card.
b. After another 2 years you should get a Permanent Green Card, depending on the continuation of the investment.
c. After another 3 years, you can obtain the U.S. Citizenship.

4. Who qualifies as a family member?

a. Applicant.
b. Spouse.
c. Children: unmarried and under 21 years of age.

5. What is the guarantee?
a. There is no guarantee.
b. We are highly likely to succeed if you properly comply with the requests (submitting documents, being timely, being ethical, etc…).
c. The $500,000 investment will always remain under your name.
d. We have no knowledge of anyone who lost their $500,000, or any part of it.

6. When can I retrieve my $500,000 investment, if I need to?

a. After 3 to 4 years from the start of the investment.
b. You can also retrieve any profits made.

7. Can I travel out of the U.S. during my Investment Immigration process?

a. Yes, you may travel within a few months of applying for the adjustment with a 2-year permit and unlimited entries.

8. How long should I stay in the U.S. within 1 year?

a. The investor must enter the U.S. within 180 days from receiving the Visa. He/she must also establish residency in the U.S. by showing an intent to stay (for example, buy/rent a home, open bank accounts, apply for a social security number, obtain a driver’s license, pay taxes).

9. Is there anything else that I need to know at this point?

a. This type of investment is typically done towards the medical field.
b. Now is a great time to do the Investment Immigration. President Obama’s strategy for the 2012 re-election is to improve economic conditions by encouraging Investment Immigration. Therefore, this process should be much smoother now.
c. The U.S. government and Immigration rules were very recently updated, which is why we waited to post this fresh information.
d. The U.S. government and Immigration officials are very positive and serious about this type of Immigration, and are optimistic about the shift it will bring to future economic conditions. In addition, they are very firm about accepting truthful cases: it is your duty to be truthful and serious in this process; it cannot be done unethically as a means of getting an easy Green Card.
e. Buying a house, placing the $500,000 in a U.S. bank, or owning assets does not qualify as an investment. The investment must establish a business, or enhance a dying business, and must employ 10 U.S. Citizens.

10. Are there any problems or precautions that I should consider?

a. Submitting the minimum amount of documentation (for the funds used for the investment) is likely to delay and complicate the application process. Providing full disclosure from the beginning will result in a smooth and timely application process, and the least amount of difficulties.
b. If others, they will be case specific, and you will be informed.

11. How is this program different from other Immigration programs?
a. The Investor Visa grants permanent residence, and does not require renewal or reapplying.
b. There are no employment, educational, or language requirements.
c. The investor, spouse, and children under 21 are given expedited permanent residence.
d. The investor and family can live and/or work anywhere in the U.S.
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