Our office provides you with CD’s/DVD’s, videos, flashcards, and other preparation material to help you get ready for your Citizenship, Green Card and Interviews. Please take advantage of our free consultation service to see what your unique immigration case needs. Click here to contact us or call Sherif at (714) 491-0781.
  • If you have any personal or complicated issue, our service is beneficial; we’re on your side and we work to help you by using our experience and knowledge to be resourceful and precise towards reaching success.
  • It’s better to have professionals handle your immigration papers right away to make the process cheaper and more accurate, and your file is yours forever (take into consideration that your INS and IRS files are very important and need attention when creating and maintaining them). Please note that waiting to begin your process puts you at risk of paying more as the NVC fees often increase.
We’re experienced, we’re on your side, and we’ll work for your benefit. The Internet might be cheaper, but it does not have the personal touch of supporting you in the case of a problem (you may not know if you have a problem). Immigration matters are important and valuable, and are worth hiring a professional representative to assist you with. You are always welcome to call me for a consultation - Sherif (714) 491-0781.
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