Get your International Driver’s License to drive anywhere, worldwide. Apply for your International Driver’s License from the USA, UAE, Egypt, and almost anywhere else. Benefits of an International Driver’s License are listed below.
Apply for an International Driver’s License (IDL)
Please send us:
    1. Completed & signed IDL Application (click here to download)
    2. 1 passport size photo (click here to see sample)
    3. Copy of your native driver’s license
    4. Your telephone number & e-mail address
    5. Payment of $150 (IDL valid for 10 years; includes 1 card & 1 book)
    • Please make check/money order payable to: Immigration
    • Or request Bank Deposit Information
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Send by:
  • E-mail items 1-4 & bank deposit receipt to (subject: IDL), if paying by check send it in mail
  • Or fax items 1-4 & bank deposit receipt to (714) 778-6877 (Attn: IDL), if paying by check send it in mail
  • Or mail everything to:
    • IDL Sherif Immigration
      1811 W. Katella Ave. # 211
      Anaheim, CA 92804
Benefits of an International Driver’s License
    1. Generally, the IDL is valid all over the world.
    2. Unlike many countries that require a minimum age of 18 to issue a driver’s license, the IDL can be issued at age 16.
    3. It is inexpensive, compared to fees charged in other countries. We charge only $150, and it is valid for 10 years.
    4. The IDL is usually sufficient to buy and insure cars with.
    5. It is translated into many languages.
    6. We continuously issue the IDL in many areas including: USA, Europe, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Africa, Asia, and Latin America...
فوائد رخصة القيادة الدولية
رخصة القيادة الدولية صالحة في مختلف دول العالم - 1
السن القانوني للحصول على الرخصة هو 16 عام بدل من 18 عام كما في مناطق اخرى - 2
رخيصة مقارنة مع تكاليفها في دول اخرى. فقط 150 دولار و صالحة لمدة 10 سنوات - 3
تخول حاملها شراء السيارات و التأمينات - 4
مترجمة لعدة لغات - 5
يتم استخدامها في مختلف انحاء العالم... امريكا، اوروبا، الشرق الأوسط، افريقيا، الخليج، اسيا، امريكا اللاتينية، و اماكن اخرى - 6
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