For individuals/families who are interested in moving to America, we offer assistance in applying for U.S. Citizenship, U.S. Green Card, Immigrating to Canada, and more such as:
  • Visa to USA
  • USA DV Lottery
  • USA Work Permit
  • USA Green Card Renewal
  • Immigration to USA
  • Immigration to Canada
Our travel agency offers wholesale airline tickets domestically in the USA, and internationally around the world. Your expert agent represents you in the event of lost luggage, schedule change, late arrival, etc. We are located in Orange County near Los Angeles, California, and our services stretch out to major cities around the world like Cairo, Istanbul, Rome, and many others. Call us now about current deals, preferred dates, etc.
    Please call us for our best current deals:
    (714) 491-0781
Get your International Driver’s License to drive anywhere, worldwide. Apply for your International Driver’s License from the USA, UAE, Egypt, and almost anywhere else. Benefits of an International Driver’s License include 10 year validity...
Certified document translations for English to/from: Arabic, French, German, and Spanish. We specialize in Immigration and Court translations for certificates including: birth, marriage, divorce, death, identification, police report, college degree, high school diploma, baptism, and others...
Our services include:
  • Notary Public
  • Fingerprinting on cards
  • Power of Attorney: Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Yemen...
  • Dealing with Embassies
  • Visa to USA
  • Work Permit
  • USA Passport Expedite (urgent, issued in 1 day)
  • Travel Document
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