Recommendations for working on your Immigration case:
  1. Insist on your Immigration benefits.
  2. Try to work with an immigration office even when it seems like an easy process (on a DV lottery 30% of applications are disqualified after submission due to minor and major errors).
  3. Have at least minimum trust in your immigration professional (after verifying their authenticity or receiving a reference).
  4. Be as timely as possible (delay in submitting the immigration documents or money deposits can make a big difference in time).
  5. Use email for most of your immigration questions (not the telephone), print the correspondences and save them in a file.
  6. Show seriousness by not waiting too long between contacting an office and taking action.
You can get lots of information about immigration from our website.
Types of Immigration:
  1. Immigration through Investment
    We do this type of Immigration
  2. Immigration through DV Lottery
    We do the application and we can process the immigration for the winners (this immigration will be CANCELED in upcoming years)
  3. Visitor/non-immigration visa (you may end up with immigration, if winning the DV, or getting married etc...)
    Yes, we help on that type of non immigrant visa
  4. Immigration through Marriage
    We do this type of Immigration (lots of people meet over the Internet and get legitimate marriage if faithful, but they need lots of guidance on that type of immigration)
  5. Immigration through Immediate Family Members
    We do this type of immigration (immigration through siblings will be CANCELED in upcoming years)
  6. Students or pilots non-immigrant visa (it may end up with immigration if you get a job offer etc... )
    This type of non-immigrant visa is for people in college or over 18 years of age and under 35 years of age.
  7. Immigration through Asylum
    We do this type of Immigration successfully (it is doing great lately especially with the troubled countries like Syria, Egypt, etc...)
  8. Delivering your baby in America
    You will not get immigration benefits until this child reaches 21 years-old, but it may help you with other immigration types (this child citizenship by birth will be CANCELED in upcoming years), you and your spouse may lose your visa to the US due to that delivery We do that type of Immigration successfully
  9. Immigration through Obama Law
    This type of Immigration is based on: 1-Having a child or one parent holding Citizenship or green card 2-Being in the US for over 5 years (from November 2014) 3-Having no criminal records. 4- Filing your taxes in meeting the moral character
  10. Temporary Non immigration visa or Immigration visa for religious Scholars (Imams)
    We do this Immigration (it is very active now and it always turns into permanent Immigration as it is in demand)
  11. Immigration to Canada
    We only do immigration to Canada through skilled labor
  12. Immigration through immediate and temporary terms
    (This kind of Immigration comes and goes according to the US needs for certain qualifications in certain times and we always announce it then as it happened (before for religious scholars, people working with palm trees, etc...)
  13. Immigration through Work
    Our office only helps with that type of Immigration as it is very hard now but it will be very promising in the future
  14. Immigration through adoption (this type of Immigration is nearly impossible in many Arab countries)
    Our office doesn’t do this type of Immigration
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